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Effective Batch Management

Effective batch management results in early completion of the syllabus, quality delivery, regular and instant feedback from the students. We ensure student gains maximum through our personal attention of our faculty and receive solutions to their problems quickly through our limited batch size and batch management.

Expert Faculty

The quality of faculty is critical to the success of a student. Our intellectual capital is highly experienced, motivated and skilled faculty who helps to put students through their strides in a well-structured and organized teaching methodology. This varied and talented pool of faculty helps our students to provide strategic insights and inspiring learning experiences leading to excellence in student transformation.

Regular Tests

Testing, grading and evaluation of topics are the metrics by which we measure the progress of our students as well as our teachers. We believe in developing a moral high ground on positivistic academics.

Our assessments within the classroom are objective as well as subjective. Students feel a great sense of accomplishment because he/she has spent quality time into the preparation of the test and are constantly evaluated and assessed of his/her progress.

We conduct regular tests as per the below schedule:

  • Chapter Wise Test
  • Unit Test
  • Semester Examinations
  • Prelims for SSC / HSC

Collaborative Learning or Group Assignments

"Two heads are better than one." "The more the merrier." These proverbs speak to the advantage of collaborative learning. Collaborative learning also called as group assignments has the benefit to be more productive, creative, and motivate the students.

Group projects and collaborative efforts allow students to develop skills to:-

  • Break complex problems into parts and steps
  • Develop new approaches to resolve the problems
  • Refine understanding through discussion and explanation
  • Plan and Manage time
  • Share diverse perspectives
  • Think - Pair - Share

Student Engagement Learning or Interactive Learning Method

Education seems to be constantly changing. Students are no longer expected to sit at a desk and take notes on a lecture. Lessons are much more engaging and interactive. Interactive learning is a hands-on, real-world approach to education.

Interactive learning is an approach in helping students to become more engaged and retain more knowledge. With or without a form of technology, interactive learning helps students strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking abilities.

The following techniques and activities provide opportunities for students to engage with content in the classroom. These techniques can provide our faculty with immediate feedback about student learning, helping identify student misconceptions, confusions etc.

  • Brainstorming
  • Concept Map
  • Clarification

Fusion Class

Traditional teaching methods cannot suffice demands of modern day curriculum. On the other hand ultra-modern technologies if not used appropriately can deviate the focus. Keerti offers a balanced blend of both to achieve the best results.

Exam Support

We not only support our students until their exams are scheduled but also while their exams are in progress. We organize various doubts clearing and curriculum revision sessions. We help our students in preparing the study calendar, ensure they practice and give tips on the best way to prepare for exams.